About Us

A Unique Blue Ridge B&B

Not your traditional Bed and Breakfast, the inn has been described as “rustic luxe,” appointed with high-end rustic design and furniture, surrounding you in luxury and comfort. The open floor plan, massive fire place, chess table, games, books, outdoor deck and surround sound system give a boutique hotel feel, while the mountains and trails whisk you away as if in your own country cottage. Every room at our Blue Ridge B&B has a mountain view. Our backyard overlooks state park, so nary a house or electrical pole gets in the way of the view or our night skies, so perfect you can see the Milky Way.

We are just 4 miles from Veritas Winery, Blue Mountain Brewery, and Cardinal Point, 10 minutes from Afton Mountain Vineyards, and 7 minutes from Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company. You can enjoy all the experiences of Nelson and Albemarle counties within twenty minutes from our door.

Why “Ad Astra”?

American author John Steinbeck printed the insignia “Ad Astra per alia Porci” (“to the stars on the wings of a pig”) on many of his books after a professor told him he’d be published “when pigs fly” and his friend drew him a flying pig named “Pigasus.” Steinbeck’s wife, Elaine, wrote that “the little pig said that man must try to attain the heavens even though his equipment be meager. That man must aspire though he be earth-bound.” The flying pig has since become the symbol of possibility.

We chose the flying pig as the symbol for our Inn because at Ad Astra Bed & Breakfast, we want you to challenge yourself to new experiences. Get away for a couple days, try a wine or hard cider you’ve never had, hike the peak of Humpback Rock, learn chess, propose, elope, hot air balloon, ski, or, for the techies, just turn off your phone to read a book or play a game.

Whatever your “impossible” may be today, it won’t be at our Inn.

See Elaine Steinbeck’s letter about her husband here:


Reach for the Stars, Roam in Nature, Rest in Luxury!